The SOMIC modular system · Efficient solutions for your end-of-line packaging technology

Adaptable packaging machines from our modular system

Your SOMIC packaging machine is individually designed and manufactured to your requirements. The SOMIC modular system gives you a modular packaging machine that can be adapted to cater for all requirements. This is enabled by standard components that range from the smallest building block to complete functional groups.

The key factor here is that all functional units work in a decentralised manner and can be individually connected to the control unit.

Modular, individual and efficient

The SOMIC modular system is an exceptional achievement:

with it, SOMIC packaging machines can be adapted to suit every functional requirement on an end-of-line packaging system.

Thanks to this efficient mode of construction, you benefit from short assembly times. The modular design also enables us to test all mechanical and electrical functions and software in advance and to optimise these to suit your specifications.

Customer requests often initially relate to specific products, groupings and packaging for which individually tailored solutions are expected from us.

We provide systematic solutions

Well-engineered technology · Right from the very start

Customer requirements often initially centre on certain products, groupings and forms of packaging, for which we are required to engineer customised solutions. Right from the very start, packaging solutions from SOMIC go much further than this, however: SOMIC’s extensive mechatronic modular system is used to create a packaging machine that not only caters for specific formats but can also process an entire format portfolio.

thin this range of formats any number of additional customer formats can be modelled and implemented at a later stage.

Staying true to our quality promise: SOMIC, a safe investment for the future.

Our sales consultants would be happy to provide you with information at any time on the individual design options for your packaging machine.

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