Cover/Tray Packer SOMIC 434 DT

Multi-part, closed cardboard packaging for transport and retail presentation - cover inside

SOMIC develops and produces packaging machines "Made in Germany" for multi-part outer packaging made of cardboard. For the food industry as well as for non-food manufacturers, SOMIC packaging machines of the 434 series offer reliable performance with compact design. All machines come with customized format tools for you to make the final packaging for your products efficient and practical.

The SOMIC 434 DT Cover/Tray Packer is used for two-piece packaging models. This machine is often requested by customers because a perfect looking shelf-ready tray carton can be presented on the store shelf after removing the cover. This SOMIC packaging machine is also individually adapted to the customer's special requirements. A wide variety of product shapes and carton requests can be realized with it. In the first step, the inside cover is folded around the grouping. Then, in a second step, the tray carton is erected around the cover.

Cover/Tray Packer for collecting, grouping and packing products in

  • Open cartons
  • Cover/tray packaging (cover inside)

What does a SOMIC Cover/Tray Packer offer?

  • Processing of various types of cardboard (solid and corrugated) and thicknesses (B-, C-, E-flute)
  • Design as plug-in cover or with glueing possible
  • Processing of products in upright or horizontal orientation
  • Format groupings both single-row and multi-row possible
  • Perfect protection of products due to enclosing carton shape
  • Flexible design options in terms of grouping and carton design
  • Presentation on the sales shelf by removing the inside cover. Thus no damage to the shelf-ready tray
  • Machine solution for more complex packaging tasks
  • Resource-saving packaging through optimization of the carton blank
  • Visual enhancement possible through design with carded edge

Machine process

  1. Pre-packed products are fed individually, collected and grouped to the desired carton contents.
  2. The cover is folded around the grouping to protect the product and taped if required.
  3. The covered grouping is placed flat on the tray blank.
  4. The tray carton is folded around the covered grouping and glued with hotmelt.

Do you have any questions about the Cover/Tray Packer SOMIC 434 DT?

Contact us and let us advise you. Together we will find the ideal solution for your specific packaging tasks.