SOMIC Lamella Chain: Efficient and reliable product grouping before cartoning

High-performance solution for large volumes with flexible adaptability

Streamline your cartoning process with the SOMIC lamella chain. This high-performance module is characterized by efficient picking, reorientation and grouping of your products. The SOMIC slat chain has been developed for optimum performance with high-volume and heavier products. It integrates seamlessly into your packaging line, increasing productivity and ensuring uniform product presentation.

The optimum solution for efficient product grouping before cartoning
Precise control of the lamella chain is achieved by the synchronized sequence between the lamella picker and the pusher head. This ensures that the lamella chain can pick up products quickly and efficiently and position them in individual orientation for further cartoning. This ensures a reliable and appealing presentation of the products in the carton.

Another advantage of the lamella chain is its flexibility. Effortless format changeovers can be done quickly and without tools, accommodating a wide range of product shapes and sizes. This adaptability enables optimal fulfillment of your individual packaging requirements. This adaptability ensures your packaging line can seamlessly handle your specific needs.

In addition, the high speed and efficiency of the chain enables large quantities of products to be collated and grouped quickly, maximizing the overall performance of your cartoning line.

The SOMIC Lamella Chain at a glance

Powerful picking, reorienting and grouping of products:

  • Efficient and reliable reorientation and grouping of products before cartoning
  • Suitable for large quantities and products with higher weight
  • Tool-less format changeover system between upright and horizontal grouping tasks
  • Robust design of components ensures highest stability and longevity of the system

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