The pioneering SOMIC CORAS collection and grouping system

With planar technology to maximum flexibility and highest efficiency

SOMIC CORAS enables a freely definable 360° orientation of your products in the carton and at the same time lets you realize any mixed formats with different product types. It is ideally suited for sensitive goods, as it is very gentle on the product without the use of pickers and vacuum technology.

SOMIC CORAS for efficient collating, grouping and conditioning of products
A theoretically unlimited number of individual infeed lanes results in unlimited possibilities in the scalability of the system. SOMIC CORAS fulfills the functions of collating, grouping, orienting, and conditioning products in a single unit within a very small footprint.

The product containers on the carriers are individually matched to the customer's product. Changes and changes of carton formats, groupings and products can be easily carried out via the operating terminal of our self-developed control system. The entire system, including the carriers and the transport field, is extremely robust and can be cleaned easily and thoroughly.

The use of the system can benefit dynamic industries in particular, which have to react accordingly quickly, individually and flexibly to market changes and trends when it comes to packaging.

The SOMIC CORAS world first at a glance

Powerful high-speed application for highly flexible collating, grouping and mixing of products:

  • Maximum speed: 2 m/s
  • Maximum acceleration: 20m/s²
  • Low maintenance and wear-free
  • Gentle product handling without vacuum cups
  • High overall performance with maximum flexibility
  • Space-saving solution for collating, grouping, orienting and conditioning products as well as line merging
  • Energy efficient without compressed air and vacuum

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