SOMIC training for your operating and maintenance personnel

Qualified employees · Efficient operation of your packaging machine

To ensure efficient operation of your SOMIC packaging machine, well-qualified operating and maintenance personnel are particularly important. With our SOMIC training, your personnel will be well prepared to operate your packaging machine from day one. In addition, we offer training already during commissioning, which has proven to be a successful model with many advantages worldwide:

  • Time and cost savings: Training enables your employees to make optimum use of the SOMIC packaging machine right from the start, resulting in smooth operation from day one. This helps you avoid costly delays and expensive rework.
  • Competent in-house staff: By training your own staff, you enable them to operate and maintain the packaging machine from the very beginning. This not only promotes a deeper understanding of the machine, but also creates a sense of ownership and reinforces expertise within your team.
  • Extended service life of your SOMIC packaging machine: Technically perfect handling of the machine helps to increase its service life. By allowing your employees to operate the machine efficiently and perform maintenance in a timely manner, you minimize wear and possible damage, which ultimately protects your investment and extends its useful life.

Qualifying operating and maintenance staff at an early stage is the key to the reliable, trouble-free operation of your packaging machine. We offer the right training options. Just speak to us!

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