SOMIC packaging machines · Used by many sectors

Cardboard secondary packaging

SOMIC packaging machines create secondary packaging that is suitable for both product transportation and in-store presentation and used in many different branches of industry:

  • Food industry
  • Pet food
  • Non-food products
  • Pharma and healthcare

The following gives a small selection of some of our long-term partners in various industrial sectors:

Cardboard secondary packaging for the food industry

Dairy Products

Gourmet food & Convenience

Meat, sausage & fish

Coffee, cocoa & tea

Candy & snack

Dry products

Packaging solutions for pre-packed pet food

Cardboard packaging for blisters, tablets and bottles for the pharmaceuticals industry


Cardboard end-of-line packaging for non-food products


Are you not yet sure whether we also have the right packaging solution for your particular products? SOMIC designs and constructs packaging machines for customised end-of-line packaging made of cardboard for companies all over the world: Made in Germany. Why not contact us now for some advice?