Non-food packaging machines

The non-food sector includes countless types of products - from stationery to plants and cosmetic products to decorative and household items. Naturally, all these articles have different requirements for the outer packaging. With SOMIC's non-food packaging machines, you can meet the demands of the market and offer your customers packaging solutions that are both visually appealing and safe.

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Packaging machines for a wide range of product types

Non-food packaging

Suitable and transport-safe outer packaging plays an important role in the area of non-food products. It must protect the product from external influences and ensure that it survives the journey to the customer safely and undamaged.
Since 1974, we have been developing non-food packaging machines that meet the requirements of the industry, thereby helping our customers to package their products in a functional, appealing and sustainable way. Today, we are one of the leading international manufacturers of packaging machines, which are among the best on the market thanks to our constant striving for perfection.

SOMIC packaging machines are not only space-saving, but also versatile thanks to their modular design. We can realise various format requirements for you on your SOMIC packaging machine or add further formats at a later date according to market requirements: With SOMIC you are maximally flexible and thus future-proof. Our highly automated packaging solutions for non-food products make your packaging processes not only more efficient, but also more economical.

Your advantages

  • Absolutely gentle product handling
  • Space-saving due to compact design
  • Quick format changeover thanks to SOMIC QuickChange technology
  • Convenient and intuitive operation thanks to language-neutral symbols
  • Competent after-sales service
  • High efficiency and long service life

Your pre-packed products

  • Sachets and stand-up pouches
  • Folded boxes
  • Cans, cups and trays
  • Blisters, thermoformed packs and capsules
  • Jars, bottles and tubes

We pack a wide variety of pre-packed products

Flat sachets, stand-up pouches

Folded boxes

Wrapped packages

Cans, cups, trays

Jars, bottles, tubes


Machine solutions for single-component and multi-component packaging

What makes our machine solutions in the non-food sector so unique is their modular design. Whether open cartons, trays, display packaging, folded boxes or wraparound solutions: SOMIC packaging machines meet all your requirements for a modern, innovative and intelligent packaging solution that fulfils the legal requirements.

  • One-piece cardboard packaging
  • Multi-part cardboard packaging

Non-food packaging solutions - versatile and flexible

Packaging for non-food items is as diverse as the products themselves. Whether erasers, screws, kitchen utensils, technical devices or cosmetic products: They all have different properties, different packaging requirements and other industrial specifications regarding packaging. This makes it all the more important to choose a packaging machine for the product to be packaged, with which the goods will find their way to the customer reliably and safely packaged.

SOMIC packaging machines for non-food products pack sustainably, efficiently and carefully. Whether sensitive goods or very long transport routes: with the flexible, modular and therefore adaptable packaging solutions from SOMIC, you are ideally prepared for the future.

Questions & Answers

What are the application areas for packaging machines for non-food products?

Packaging machines for non-food products are needed in a wide variety of areas, for example for packaging cosmetic products such as hairspray, shampoo, toothbrushes, for packaging technical devices or for shipping everyday products such as kitchen utensils or stationery. Non-food products are an immeasurably large group of goods with high demands on packaging. We can implement this task perfectly thanks to our many years of experience.

What outer packaging is used for non-food products?

  • Trays
  • Wraparoundv cartons
  • Display trays
  • Folded boxes
  • Tray/Cover packer (cover outside)
  • Cover/Tray packer (cover inside)

Our specialists at SOMIC will be happy to advise you on the technical and product-specific details of the respective outer packaging.

Can SOMIC packaging machines be integrated into existing production lines?

You already have a product line and want to automate the final packaging? Or do you need a new packaging machine for your non-food products because the performance of the upstream production machines has been increased? - Then you are in the best hands with SOMIC.

Whether efficient planning, process optimisation or the implementation of new packaging solutions: We support you as a partner at eye level and ensure that you can equip your products with suitable outer packaging of the best quality. Satisfied customers are our top priority, which is why we do everything we can to implement your packaging requirements efficiently, cost-effectively and in the best possible technical way.

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