Packaging machines for coffee, tea & cocoa

The efficient and appealing outer packaging of coffee, tea or cocoa is crucial to ensure safe transport and thereby the freshness, quality and shelf life of the product. In addition, carton repackaging plays a crucial role when it comes to presenting products attractively on the shelf. End-of-line packaging machines for coffee, cocoa or tea play an essential role in this respect. They enable coffee roasters and manufacturers of tea and cocoa to pack their various products, such as coffee bags, coffee cans, capsules, tea bags or cocoa cans in a wide range of formats in a shelf-ready carton.


SOMIC is one of the global leaders in end-of-line packaging. We offer customized and flexible solutions for your packaging needs. Our goal is to provide effective, safe, and environmentally friendly outer packaging for your coffee, tea, or cocoa.

Individual machine solutions for coffee, tea or cocoa packaging

For more than 50 years, SOMIC has been manufacturing customizable, environmentally friendly packaging machines that create shelf-ready solutions for your coffee, tea, and cocoa products. No matter if it's capsules, pads, recyclable stand-up pouches, or cans, we've got the perfect packaging solution tailored to meet your needs.

SOMIC packaging machines for pre-packaged coffee, cocoa or tea products are characterized by their high automation and efficiency, which makes them a cost-effective choice compared to other solutions. Thanks to the modular design, our packaging machines can be individually adapted to any requirement. Moreover, different formats can be realized on one SOMIC packaging machine. Future market-related changes or adaptations are possible at any time with SOMIC's modular system. At the same time, the new SOMIC 434 machine generation impresses with its improved accessibility as well as a maximum degree of automation during format changeovers. This means time savings of up to 70%. SOMIC accompanies you in the realization of your packaging task as an innovative and reliable partner - together we will find a solution for your packaging requirements.

Your advantages:

  • attractive outer packaging for safe transport as well as for attractive presentation in retail stores
  • smallest possible, space-saving footprint
  • intuitive operation
  • enormous adaptability of the machine due to modular solutions
  • quick format changeover due to fully automatic format adjustments
  • additional steps during format changeover easily and safely via SOMIC QuickChange technology
  • competent support before, during and after purchase
  • sustainable due to a long service life of the machines

Your prepacked products

  • Sachets and stand-up pouches
  • Pads
  • Folding boxes
  • Cans
  • capsules
  • and others

Packaging for coffee: one-piece or multi-piece depending on your needs

For an optimal presentation of your products in the trade, we work out the ideal solution for your final packaging. We offer packaging machines that pack your products in individual shelf-ready cartons according to your needs. Whether it's trays, wraparound packaging or two-piece cartons - our machines are flexibly designed for all types of packaging.

Thanks to the adaptability by means of different changeable format parts, you also have the option of switching between predefined packaging variants and formats. Find out more details about our innovative, automatic cardboard packaging machines below and discover the solution that meets your requirements.

  • single-part cardboard packaging
  • multi-part packaging solutions

We pack a wide range of prepackaged product

Flat sachets, stand-up pouches

Folded boxes

Wrapped packages

Cans, cups, trays

Jars, bottles, tubes


Safe transport and first-class quality thanks to SOMIC.

Rely on our expertise as well as our professional packaging solutions to achieve the optimal final packaging for your product. SOMIC's packaging machines for coffee, tea or cocoa process cardboard in a wide range of material thicknesses and types, including B and C flutes as well as solid board.

We are convinced that we have the perfect packaging solution for your specific requirements. We place particular emphasis on the efficient use of materials and the simple and ergonomic operability of our machines, always taking into account requirements relating to safety and transportability.

Given the increasing importance of sustainable, automatic packaging solutions, it is important for every food manufacturer to think about the future today. With SOMIC's modern packaging machines, you are ideally equipped to meet the challenges of the future with confidence.

Questions & answers

How can packaging machines for coffee, tea and cocoa help to reduce production costs and material consumption?

Our packaging machines help reduce costs by minimizing material usage in the folding process, ensuring precise groupings in the carton, reducing manual labor costs, and enabling higher packaging speeds. Furthermore, errors are minimized, flexibility in customization is provided, and environmentally friendly packaging practices are promoted, resulting in an overall optimization of production costs and material consumption.

Can packaging machines handle different formats, such as whole beans, ground coffee, coffee capsules tea bags or cocoa cans?

Yes, SOMIC packaging machines are extremely versatile. The cartoning machines can process flat-bottom bags as well as stand-up pouches, pads, capsules, sachets or cans. These can be filled with whole beans, with ground coffee, or with tea bags or cocoa.

Which packaging materials can be processed with packaging machines for coffee, tea and cocoa?

SOMIC packaging machines can handle a wide range of carton packaging materials, including various types of cardboard such as B-flute, C-flute and solid board, providing a flexible and reliable packaging solution for coffee products.

Your partner for any packaging solutions

Are you looking to expand your packaging lines, improve your operations or automate the packaging process? SOMIC will be happy to help you with the planning, implementation and process optimization of your packaging requirements. Feel free to contact us for advice from our experts.

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