Intelligent Planning

We want to give you the maximum ∙
with the minimum risk.

Good planning is half the battle. Our experts devise customised packaging solutions for you that thanks to SOMIC RealSource Simulation aren’t merely tailored to your exact requirements but also come already tested. SOMIC RealSource Simulation is a patented trademark development tool that combines the original packaging machine controls with a 3D construction model to produce realistic simulation results. Your benefits:

  • Virtual production planning: development and test runs with realistic simulation
  • Planning security: advance presentation and verification of the functional processes on your customised packaging machine shown on a PC
  • More efficient planning: virtual tests save time, money and resources

Internal tests on the finished packaging machine are run in a realistic production scenario with your original products. This is how we ensure perfect results – right from the very first carton.

Advance technical analysis ∙ RealSource Simulation by SOMIC

We rule out any later complications by carrying out meticulous technical analysis in advance. Our expertise in packaging lines ensures that processes run smoothly from day one. With their compact design and flexible expansion options, SOMIC packaging machines can be easily integrated into existing lines, forming a reliable stop on your products’ journey to the consumer.

For you, SOMIC RealSource Simulation means that we don’t just provide you with machinery but also with state-of-the-art packaging technology.

Reliability at every stage:

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Secure Investment

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Intelligent Planning

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Attentive Implementation

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Superior Performance