Attentive Implementation

What’s even better than ‘Made in Germany’? Made by SOMIC!

A love of absolute perfection is what makes our engineers stand out from the crowd. ‘Made by SOMIC’ means that our packaging machines are manufactured from quality components made in Germany. Our mechatronic functional blocks are also designed and constructed at our own factory in upper Bavaria.

Your SOMIC packaging machine is manufactured entirely according to your specifications and production conditions. Our perfectly coordinated processes in planning, assembly and commissioning ensure a smooth production process for your end-of-line packaging machine. By working in partnership with our customers throughout the entire production phase, as well as intensive test runs prior to delivery, we ensure that your packaging machine can be integrated into your existing packaging line as quickly as possible.

Instruction and training prior to commissioning

Before a packaging machine leaves our factory, it undergoes thorough testing. SOMIC experts are also on site when the machine is commissioned at your plant. We organise individual programs of instruction and training for your personnel so that everything runs reliably from the very first day of production.

Since 1974 we have supplied thousands of packaging machines and encased countless products in a protective covering made of cardboard.

SOMIC packaging machines overview ∙ Our solutions for you:

End-of-line packaging machine SOMIC 434

Machines for entry into automated end-of-line packaging - SOMIC ReadyPack

Machines for product grouping and collating

Solutions for product handling and transportation

Reliability at every stage:

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Secure Investment

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Intelligent Planning

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Attentive Implementation

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Superior Performance