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Each SOMIC packaging machine is mounted on four red columns that symbolise our promise of quality: with intelligent planning, SOMIC gives you a secure investment and guarantees attentive implementation of your products’ end-of-line packaging. The result is long-term, superior performance of your SOMIC packaging machine.

We have demonstrated over the last 50 years that you can trust SOMIC quality in all fields. By purchasing a SOMIC packaging machine, you not only ensure effective, safe and reliable handling of your packaging processes, but also position yourself optimally for future packaging tasks.

Reliability at every stage:

Questions and answers about added value, quality and service at SOMIC

Which hallmarks of quality distinguish SOMIC packaging machines?

SOMIC Verpackungsmaschinen sind extrem auf Funktionalität getrimmt. Das bedeutet:

  • SOMIC packaging machines are specifically tailored to the individual packaging task using a sophisticated modular system
  • The functional modules used are tried-and-tested and reliable
  • The machines from the SOMIC modular system are the perfectly matched solutions for your packaging tasks. 
  • Gentle product handling takes priority during the packaging process
  • The packaging process is extremely transparent as all sequences take place on just one level
  • Maximum functionality is guaranteed in all processes and sequences
  • With its compact designs SOMIC provides maximum packaging performance in the smallest of spaces
  • All SOMIC machines are also designed for maximum accessibility
  • Sophisticated, ingenious servodrive technology also ensures maximum energy efficiency
  • Our internal quality gate system, meticulously implemented and observed, guarantees top quality made in Germany
  • Our safety concept in strict compliance with DIN EN 13849 (machine safety) makes operation of SOMIC packaging machines completely safe in all conditions

Why are SOMIC machines so easy to operate?

The key control element on SOMIC packaging machines is the intelligent 17” operating panel with a touchscreen. The main features are as follows:

  • Clear separation of the entire operating process into just three modes of operation
  • Intuitive, self-explanatory operation with a range of coloured icons
  • All machine operations set on the operating panel only using appropriate parameters
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Processes and parameters explained using simple help functions
  • All information on the packaging process can be retrieved through the operating panel
  • Can be used in a number of different languages

How flexibly can SOMIC packaging machines be used?

End-of-line packaging made of cardboard and retail-ready packs for all possible segments of the food industry, pet food and many other industrial sectors are produced by SOMIC packaging machines as open cases, trays, wrap-around cases, cover/tray packs, folded cartons and display cases. Our SOMIC ReadyPack can be expanded to form a wrap-around packer. SOMIC packaging machines are so flexible that formats can be changed with little effort.

SOMIC machines are designed to process a whole range of formats, this facilitated in particular by the transparent, logical structuring of the machinery’s functional groups. Precise format part changeovers can be mastered by the operator without the need for tools or external engineers in a very short time indeed thanks to the quick-change technology developed by SOMIC.

Which general and maintenance services does SOMIC offer its customers?

All packaging machines manufactured by SOMIC have a warranty of twelve months. The transparent and clear design of each and every SOMIC packaging machine means that help can be provided by remote maintenance for practically all kinds of problem. Our first aid protocol can be used to report a fault.

How can I reach consultants and technical service personnel at SOMIC?

Our service personnel are pleased to provide advice during our office opening hours. Our specialists are able to help you with any queries about commissioning, extended functions or additional formats and with machine faults or spare parts. You will find your contact for technical queries and details of our international sales team in the following overview: All contacts.